20k SP Delegation | PowerHouseCreatives (@steemitbloggers) in collaboration with @steemxp (Video Inside)

A collaboration with @steemxp @steemxp is founded by @danieldoughty about a year back with the support of @teammalaysia led by @bitrocker2020. These are some of the leaders that are actively building the Steem blockchain be it organizing events to draw in more bloggers into Steem, having masterclasses on content creator and the likes. Right now, […]

Recalling for support for my community @steemitbloggers ( #powerhousecreatives )

Life is all about choices and there are certain moments in time when making the RIGHT choice carries an enormous amount of weight. The @theycallmedan 20k delegation poll is one of those moments. There are plenty of contenders for the first place position – all amazing communities and initiatives… but only ONE of the top 3 contestants […]

Get your FREE PERSONALISED STEEM SIGNATURE, Limited Time Offer (T&C applies)

  How to get your FREE Steemit Signatures? My community, @steemitbloggers AKA #powerhousecreatives is running for the 20k SP delegation by @theycallmedan once again. Last time, we came in second and this time, we are going to do our very best again. So for this contest, I want to reward everyone who supports my community with […]

@steemitbloggers needs your help – 20k SP delegation

Here we go again! About four weeks ago, @theycallmedan organized a similar contest with the prize reward, a HUGE 10k SP Delegation for whichever initiative wins the highest vote on @dpoll. This time, he has done it again but by increasing the reward delegation to a whooping 20k SP Delegation. The previous contest, my community, @steemitbloggers (#powerhousecreative) […]

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