Teh Tarik Sundays EP21 | MoneyTalk with @cshaw | 28.10.2018 (Recap)

  What is Teh Tarik Sundays? It is the FIRST talkshow initiated by @branlee87 and @zord189 with the support from #teammalaysia witness & lead, @bitrocker2020 exclusively for #teammalaysia members to gain exposure for their posts. Why Teh Tarik? Because its what we Malaysians drink at a mamak stall when we hang out with friends. Here is what is going to happen on Sunday Nights : Everyone is […]

Teh Tarik Sundays | Money Talk with @cshaw, It’s TOMORROW!

Money Talk with @cshaw This upcoming Teh Tarik Sundays episode would be a special one because we will be having a Special Segment with @cshaw, the founder of a website called More Money Malaysia, where it’s whole purpose is to help people’s money fuel their aspirations instead of being their limitations.  #teammalaysia is blessed to have many creative minds […]

Personal | Food, Work & The Week

The Unexpected News This week came really fast and as a shock to me and many of my colleagues and I thought I’d share it with you guys. And definitely, there is ‘food’ in the title to end the ‘shocking week’. Well, it isn’t that much of a shock beforehand for me when the news came […]

Calling all Steemians! Come VOTE for STEEM!

We have only 2 Days left! I’ve noticed that we have only reached 5500++ votes considering how ‘MANY’ Steemians we have on the platform. 5k+ votes including those that have voted more than once is just kind of upsetting but I supposed maybe a lot have not heard of what’s happening about netcoins and why Steem […]

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